Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being Untidy

Usually, I tidy up before going to bed.
A ritual of putting things in their place.
Even thoughts are filed.  I never sleep
without removing my made-up face. 

Last night, nestling against the crumpled heap
of discarded clothes; a strange comfort I felt
hiding myself in the chaotic folds.

Too tired to pick up the mess
living had created. I pressed the remote
and saw a movie
of someone else’s life instead

Published: Brown Critique e-journal
August 2012



Ashish said...

Too tired to pick up the mess living has created....

I can not only relate, but also feel the tiredness of it.

Sometimes it becomes easier to pick the remote watch someone else's story. Grass being less harsh on the other side of the tele screen.

Also, reading this, I felt inspired to look back and find my poems, and maybe I start writing again.
:) Thanks.

gopika nath said...

That's wonderful Ashish, get back with the words. I noticed even during the workshop words wanted to have their say!

Thanks for reading

Julia Dutta said...

Gopika: I thought the poem was deeply psychological and the mess inside is so well expressed in objects outside. It will hound me for a long time and hence to make things easy for me, I am posting it on my Google+ account so I can find some words, nay poetry that reflects my state of mind, sometimes!

gopika nath said...

It always feel good when we can connect with people, be it poetry or anything else. Happy for the empathy it evoked and reminder it can be. Thanks for reading and sharing.